Monday, 29 August 2011

Our World Tuesday - Malton Market Town - part 2

Following on from last week, a few more photo's from the market town of Malton, North Yorkshire, UK - It has been a wet-n-windy week here, but we had a decent day last Saturday and a chance for a few more local photo's  (Click on photo's to enlarge.)
Malton Museum used to be the Town Hall,
and before that it was the town Courthouse,
the old jail is below in the cellar.

Our Town Crier, he keeps us informed
of anything new going on in town.

Last Saturday some of the stalls were missing from the market, maybe
the stall-holders are taking a well deserved holiday.

Another view of our Victorian gentleman, showing the
famous door knocker on Scrooge's Office, they say if
you gaze at it long enough, you may see the ghostly
face of Jacob Marley...!

The office inside Scrooge's Counting House,
there are several rooms containing Victoriana.

Meet Peter (on the left) and Al, proprietors of the Whistlestop Cafe
at Malton Train Station, you won't go hungry here with their
belly-busting breakfasts and specials.

A recent visitor to the site of the Roman Fort Derventio, the Romans invaded us 2000 years ago and built their fort alongside the river, they keep coming back, but they are a pretty friendly bunch these days.

Swinton Lawn Bowls Club, just a mile or 2 from
Malton, on our way home.  We play there too.
The man in the red and white shirt is a Swinto
St. Peters Church is just across the River Derwent
in Norton town, this is where we go on a Sunday.

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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

World Wide Friends - Malton Market Town

Malton Market town is approximately eight miles from our village.  The town square
hosts the market every Saturday.  There was a Roman Fort here 2000 years ago, called Derventio,  and the River Derwent that divides  Malton from Norton is a reminder of that time.  (Click on photo's to enlarge)

Flower and plant stall

Fruit and Veg stall

My DH and son enjoying a cup of tea, at Keith's Hamburger Wagon.

Clare's Yarn and Fabric stall

Sharon's Traditional Confectionary Shop

Ian, our friendly bus driver

St. Michaels Church

River Derwent divides Malton from Norton

A Victorian Gentleman standing outside the Accountants office associated with the character Scrooge from Charles Dickens book 'A Christmas Carol'
Dickens was a frequent visitor to Malton, and it is believed he based Scrooge's office on this one in Chancery Lane.  It is now a museum of Victoriana. 

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